Allure Hair Transplant Centre

Launch of Hair transplant Services

Allure Hair Transplant Centre
Allure Hair Transplant Centre

Laser Hair Removal


Best Hair Transplant Centre in Hyderabad

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Parijatham Healthcare is an outcome of decades of clinical expertise, deep insights of human needs, studied understanding of economics of healthcare delivery laced with a philosophy of least intervention while ensuring best outcomes through facilitation of nature.

Our model consists of offering latest healthcare in best of ambience at reasonable  economics in a win win model.

In continuation to our philosophy of providing cutting edge technology and women oriented services, we have just launched Hair transplant services at our Manikonda Branch.

Our lady Plastic Surgeon Dr Lakshmi is focussed on aesthetic surgery for women. She is trained in best of centres across India in various aspects of Cosmetic surgery.

She offers Laser Hair removal, Chemical peels, Thread lifts, Breast lifts, Gynaecomastia surgery, PRP, Ear lobe surgery, Breast augmentation and reduction and of course – Liposuction and Body sculpting.


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