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Breast Oncoplasty Expert

Ramesh Maturi

Ramesh Maturi , Prof of Surgical Oncology has more than 2 decades of experience in Cancer Surgery. 

His strong empathy with Breast Cancer patients and the realisation of the  emotional and physical impact of Mastectomy (removal of the breast for breast cancer treatment) on the lady, led him to specialise in Breast Oncoplasty.

Today he is positioned almost uniquely to offer these services across Twin Telugu states.


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Babitha gynaecologist

Babitha Maturi

Senior women wellness expert and Gynaecologist. Understands the challenges of breast cancer through personal  loss of  family to the malady. 


Plastic Surgeon by training, expert in Micro vascular surgery, understands the travails of women with breast cancer. Focussed on recreating breast.

Hyderabad breast Clinic

Breast Counsellor

Trained social worker – To hand hold you and help you stand up against the malady. A fellow woman to understand your challenges

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At Hyderabad Breast Clinics, We as a group have been together by relation, by profession and by commitment to breast diseases. We believe, concerted, cohesive actions will lead to best outcomes for breast disease treatment.  We chose breast care as our focus area and excel in our offerings as part of the Breast Specialist Doctors Group.

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Breast Cancer

Surgery is the primary modality of Breast Cancer Treatment. We as Breast Specialist Doctors perceive the emotional challenges of complete breast removal. We excelled in the art of retaining breast while curing breast cancer.

Breast Oncoplasty - Breast Conservation in Breast Cancer Treatment

Modern cancer therapeutics and multimodality approach can allow breast to be retained, while our expertise in oncoplasty can ensure aesthetically great looking breast following breast cancer surgery. We always say "No To Mastectomy".
Ramesh Maturi
Ramesh Maturi
Breast oncoplastic Expert
Breast Specialist Doctors Group


Surgery for Breast Cancer, traditionally consists of Removal of the entire breast called, Mastectomy. Oncoplasty is a method to retain the breast while removing the cancer surgically.

Breast Conservation surgery is a form of cancer surgery for breast where entire breast is not removed, but just the tumuor with a good margin of normal tissue. Breast Oncoplasty is the newer and better method of Breast Conservation surgery .

Traditional Breast Conservation surgery aims at removal of the tumor tissue with adequate margin while there was not much focus on post surgical aesthetics. Hence, post operatively, breasts were significantly deformed causing emotional stress for these women.

There is enough data through several Meta analysis across various centres in the world, that long term followup and survivals are as good if not better with Breast Oncoplastic Surgery.

Breast oncoplasty is a new technique and unfortunately has not been offered across teaching institutes. Oncoplastic surgical techniques need specialised training and focussed planning. 

The standard treatment of breast cancer consists of Surgery, with Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy as indicated for each patient. So further treatments will be as usual,  as indicated by the  disease stage. Radiotherapy will be given to the entire residual breast.

The workup and investigations done to confirm and stage the disease are similar. Imaging investigations like MRI might be done for all patients to help in surgical planning.

Oncoplastic surgery is technically complicated than traditional breast surgery. Frozen section would be routinely done to ensure margins are clear before proceeding to reconstruct  the breast.All these steps would lead to increase the duration of the surgery.

An average stay of Oncoplastic surgery patient would last between 48hrs – 4 days. Discharge is predominantly dependent on the anaesthetist recommendations and the ability of the patient to take care of her self at home.

When breast conservation surgery is done for breast cancer, only a portion of the breast is lost and which needs to be reconstructed. Breast oncoplasty is a method of partial breast reconstruction. In oncoplastic techniques, a predominant attempt would be to reconstruct using the residual breast tissue.

Following partial resection (removal) of breast tissue, reconstruction of the breast is done using either residual breast tissue ( Volume Displacement technique) or bringing tissue from other parts of the patient body ( Volume Replacement).

Breast Cancer surgery is done by three methods: Mastectomy, BCS, Oncoplasty.  Of all these three Oncoplasty is the most expensive method, due to prolonged duration of surgery, complicated techniques used and involvement of plastic surgeon too.

All patients who have disease confined to breast and axilla, and in principle do not have multiple disease foci, unless they are all in the same quadrant of the breast. Further patient should be a non smoker and we generally discourage  for Diabetics unless under good control.


One stop clinic facilitates quick, correct and efficient diagnosis of all breast problems at one place. It could be as simple as breast heaviness during mensuration, a lump since few weeks or pain and fever following lactation. You will find answers here for all your breast problems!

At Hyderabad Breast Clinics, we offer seamless pathways of care to avoid confusion and anxiety. Our consolidated advice is based on consolidated experience of our Breast Specialist Doctors will prevent you from being overwhelmed by the maze of tests and options of treatment.

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