Hyderabad breast Clinic

Hyderabad Breast Clinics

Blending art and science for Scarless breast surgery!

Scarless Breast Surgery

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Exclusive interest in Breast Diseaes gives the edge in care.


Breast conservation with plastic surgical skill sets for Breast Oncoplasty


Skill sets honed over more than 2 decades of surgery and teaching.

Group Care

A cohesive group geared to provide all aspects of breast care .


Most common lump experienced by women in their lifetime!



Can reach unusually large size- a variant of fibroadenoma, but much more omnious

Breast lump surgery

Axillary Fat Pad

An uncommon but unsightly area of fat deposition in women

Axillary fat surgery
axillary pad surgery

Breast Oncoplasty

Modern method of Breast Conservation in Breast Cancer Surgery

Oncoplasty ltap
Breast oncoplasty surgery
Breast conservation
Breast conserving surgery
Breast Oncoplasty
Breast Oncoplasty Micap

Our Team

Ramesh Maturi

With 2 decades of surgical & teaching experience, he perceives the emotional challenges of patients to offer Best of Breast care

Babitha gynaecologist

Babitha Maturi

Senior women wellness expert and Gynaecologist. Understands the challenges of breast cancer through personal  loss of  family to the malady. 


Plastic Surgeon by training, expert in Micro vascular surgery, understands the travails of women with breast cancer. Focussed on recreating breast.

Hyderabad breast Clinic

Breast Counsellor

Trained social worker – To hand hold you and help you stand up against the malady. A fellow woman to understand your challenges.

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Years of experience – Expertise of Numbers

Our expertise and work acknowledged on the occasion of October -Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Saakshi E Paper – 9th October 2023

Blending art with science

Breast Specialist Doctors Group offers Complete Breast Care – Breast pain To Breast Cancer