WHy Oncoplasty

Can we avoid Mastectomy?

Learn how breast can be saved and still get cured of cancer? Understanding Oncoplasty…

Breast Cancer is one of the most common disease across the world and in India too. Unlike in the western countries the cancer is seen at an younger age in Indian women.

Surgery forms the mainstay of treatment for breast cancer, and it consists of removal of the entire breast.

For women, removal of the breast has an impact on several aspects  – Physical, emotional, social and on her intimate relationships.


What it is to loose Breast !

For women loss of breast not only causes physical disfigurement, the psychological distress, caused by the loss of body part and the distorted mental picture of her body image can cause significant anxiety and depression. Hence many women seek help of psychologist to overcome the grief of loss.

The Impact

Understand how women suffer due to mastectomy!


Physical Disfigurement can cause loss of Body Image and low self esteem post mastectomy.



Low Self esteem causes anxiety, Depression and loss of self confidence.



Distorted mental picture of body leads to poor social life and impairs career growth


Lack of self confidence and image of physical shortcoming affects her intimate relations too.

Why Oncoplasty

Breast Shape

Plastic Surgical techniques ensure shape regain.

Breast Lift

Good oncoplasty can ensure breast lift and symmetrization.

Breast Function

A no significant interference with function or sensation

Cancer Cure

Oncoplasty ensures equally good cancer outcomes.



Can all breast Cancer Patients receive Breast Oncoplasty?

Oncoplasty can be advised usually to early breast cancers where the tumor is relatively smaller than the breast volume. It is generally offered to women who have a single lesion in the breast.

What is Breast lift?

As women age, breast tends to sag and this happens more in women who had children and breast fed them. During the oncoplastic surgery for breast cancer, plastic surgical principles are applied that not only bring the shape of the breast back but also correct the droop of the breast making it look younger and beautiful.

Are there types of Oncoplasty?

Depending on the degree of tissue loss after removal of the cancer lump two methods of oncoplasty are used. Volume Displacement where the remaining breast tissue after lump removal is remodelled to bring the shape back. When the loss of tissue is more, tissue from the patient back or adjacent tissue is used to fill the large defect in the breast.

Will Oncoplasty affect the nipple sensation?

Nipple sensation may be lost partially or completely depending on the type of surgery done, location of the tumor. But modern surgical techniques can in some select situations might save nipple sensation but it cannot be assured.

Does the patient need any other treatment after Oncoplasty?

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Will this surgery affect Lactation?

It will affect lactation to the extent breast tissue is removed during cancer removal and hence it can be partial in most situations.

Will the opposite breast needs to be operated too in Oncoplasty?

When droop in the breast with cancer is corrected, the opposite breast also needs to undergo correction surgery to ensure symmetry. Hence Breast surgeons enquire with the patient prior to surgery, if they just want the shape of the breast to be regained or does the patient wants the sag also to be corrected. If drooping of the breast needs to be corrected, a small surgery is indicated on the opposite breast also.

What about additional treatment for cancer?

Post oncoplasty, Radiotherapy is to be mandatorily be given while chemotherapy decision is based on the tumor characteristics and stage of disease.

Client Testimonials

I am satisfied with the results of the surgery. The shape and size of the breast is matching.
“Inspite of the delay from my end and even though the phyllodes was very large, the result after removal is good."
“A excellent surgical result and my scar is so well placed that it is not visible from the front. A scarless surgery.”
K Sunitha

Cure Cancer
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Oncoplasty ensures equally effective cancer cure 

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