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About Us

We are a group of breast specialists, exclusively focussed on Breast diseases and breast care. Breast is a complex organ of the female body battered by female hormones and can lead from simple breast pain to a breast lump. But debilitating breast cancer can also presents as a lump. 

We as a group specialise in breast pathology and are able to bring finesse to diagnosis and treatment for breast diseases.

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What can you expect when you visit our Breast Centre ?

Breast specialist


Doctors with exclusive and focussed expertise in breast care simplify the diagnosis and can speed up the treatment. We listen to you!

Breast ultrasound


Image Guided Biopsy of Breast abnormalities on Ultrasound and Mammogram to rule out issues. Discretion and reasoning in the workup.

Breast cancer screening

Cancer Screening

From calcifications in breast to dense shadows on the Mammogram and ultrasound, we can differentiate the normal from abnormal!

Breast surgery


20 years expertise helps us in offering Breast Conservation for Breast Cancer. Oncoplasty- the latest in breast surgery for aesthetically superior results.

Why Choose Us


Exclusive interest in Breast Diseaes gives the edge in care.


Breast conservation with plastic surgical skill sets for Breast Oncoplasty


Skill sets honed over more than 2 decades of surgery and teaching.

Group Care

A cohesive group of breast doctors geared to provide all aspects of breast care .

Breast Oncoplasty


Traditional treatment of Breast Cancer is to remove the entire breast. It results in removal of Nipple and breast resulting in a flat chest. Women feel lost feminity inspite of clothing acessories.
Hyderabad breast Clinic
Breast Conservation is the current philosophy. Advent of chemotherapy and Radiotherapy techniques allow us to retain breast while achieving cure and equally good outcomes.
Hyderabad breast Clinic
We specialise in offering Breast Conservation and also ensure a beautiful aesthetically pleasing breast post curative cancer surgery through Breast oncoplasty techniques. Breast appears better and beautiful
Hyderabad breast Clinic

Did you know..

90 percent of breast problems are benign. Breast pain is the most common symptom in woman. Fibroadenomas are lumps experienced by women at least once, in their life time. Nipple discharge can be serious. Cancer lumps are painless! It can be confusing…

And we know exactly how to help you.....