Breast cancer screening

Does Screening Help ?

We keep hearing that cancer screening needs to be done? How does it help?

Breast Cancer is a disease that contain cells that tend to divide uncontrollably. This results in a mass of cells which we feel as  a lump in the breast. When not treated, this lump grows further at a rapid phase and the cells enter the blood stream and reach liver and lungs.

Such untreated growth can harm the life of the individual.

Cancer screening when done correctly, identifies the disease even before we can feel with our fingers so that we can treat and stop the spread of the disease!

Breast Self Examination

Who needs screening

Breast Cancer Screening

Any women in their  30’s should be aware of the need for screening. It should start with monthly Breast Self examination, accompanied by physician examination on an annual basis. In addition, it is recommended for an annual screening mammogram after the age of 39 years.

Women with family history of breast cancer in first degree relatives (mother, sister, aunts) need to be extra cautious

Women with known genetic abnormalities like BRCA positive might need screening at an earlier age.

When we review family history, it is important to be cautious when we have cancer of ovary or endometrium also in the first degree family.

Most breast cancers that are seen, are not actually, familial. Meaning, they occur in women who do not have any family history! 

Breast ultrasound
Breast Examination

How is screening done?

Screening consists of two tests that are done regularly and always together. 

Mammogram: It uses x-rays to look at the breasts and identifies the calcium depositions within breasts. Based on the patterns of calcifications seen on the image, risk assessment is done.

Ultrasound: Along with mammogram, ultrasound is always done to look for changes of the breast not picked up by mammogram.

A report is given using BIRADS SCALE to quantify risk of cancer.

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